To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, we took a locally hosted rail tour through Ireland where we visited Dublin, Cork, Kinsale, Killarney and County Clare, Ireland. It was amazing to spend the week adventuring with my husband via plane, train, bus, car, horse buggy, boat and foot. We ate some amazing pub food and topped the trip off with a 5-course dinner at the Dromoland Castle. The photos in this gallery are some of the amazing sites we photographed in Ireland.


This portion of our trip to Ireland was my absolute favorite. I enjoyed the cities and harbor but I felt most at home when touring the Irish countryside. We took a train to Killarney and a horse drawn buggy tour through the Killarney National Park where we were able to see the Ross Castle. The next day, we took a bus tour through the Ring of Kerry on very narrow streets, saw the sites of the coast and stopped for traditional Shepherd’s pie and of course a mug of Irish coffee. At the end of our trip, we were driven up the coast to see the Cliffs of Moher and eventually stayed the night in the Dromoland Castle. It truly was a trip of a lifetime.


Dublin and Cork were amazing to visit. We toured the Trinity College, Guinness Factory and walked around to take in all of the amazing sites. We even learned how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness.


After arriving at our destination in Cork, we met with our local tour guide who recommended that we take a bus to a nice harbor town by the name of Kinsale. It was beautiful and so relaxing there with local shopping and sight seeing. Overall, touring Ireland this way was so much fun and we wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.