Hello, my name is Amy! I am a wife, mom, Jesus follower, photographer and writer.

I believe that beauty is all around if we look close enough and I enjoy sharing that beauty through writing and photography. I have a passion for creating inspirational fine art, whether displaying inner workings of a flower, vast beautiful landscapes or carefully crafting words that are uplifting.

If someone were to ask me a few of my favorite things, I would answer that I truly enjoy experiencing nature with my family, my camera and an open world full of adventure. I love beautiful flowers. I love spending time with Jesus. He has done so much for me! It is my hope that through my photography and writing you can escape to a world of beauty and mystery, but more importantly see glimpses of His majesty.

I provide photography services to capture corporate, charity and non-profit events, family styled photo shoots, engagements and unique photography projects. In addition, I provide assistance with creative writing, copywriting, and editing projects. I believe that words are powerful. When we use those words to build others up it positively impacts the world. I have been a Technical Writer for 14+ years but am recently pursuing the opportunity to follow my dreams of being a photographer and creative writer.

Feel free to browse through my site, enjoy the breathtaking views of our travel adventures. And one last thing, I encourage you to take time to slow down, enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful creation we were gifted to enjoy. Enjoy the laughter of your children, the playfulness of a new puppy, the sight of a butterfly fluttering in the breeze, or the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen. I have learned that when you take time to look outward, your perspective changes and sometimes that is all we need!

Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day!