• Botanical

    Purposeful Reminder!

    I captured this beautiful picture of bees working their magic on some purple wild flowers in the field while out for a walk over my lunch break. It was a simple reminder, as I constantly question my purpose, that God has a purpose for everything, even bees.

  • Moon

    Super Moon 2016

    Scientists estimate that tonight’s supermoon will be the closest full moon until 2034. Ry and I were discussing the fact that we will be 29 and 57 when the opportunity arises again to see the moon so close and decided to go out tonight with my camera to try to capture it. I used my 55-250 zoom lens and messed with the shutter/aperture settings to try and capture the details. With a little bit of cropping, the photos in this post are the result. It amazes me that someone actually walked up there and was probably looking down on the earth in awe just as we are admiring the vastness of…

  • Animals

    A Day at the Pittsburgh Zoo

    I snapped these pictures at my company summer picnic at the Pittsburgh Zoo. I mainly used my telephoto zoom lens which allowed me the opportunity to really zoom in on some details of the animals. My favorite photo is of the lion. It is so beautiful yet terrifying at the same time the magnificence of this animal. Really glad I was standing far away ?