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Choosing a Photographer

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5 Tips for choosing a photographer for your commercial project

Prior to choosing a photographer for your commercial project, it might be helpful to think through these 5 helpful tips and questions as you prepare for your search. You don’t necessarily need to know all of the camera technical mumbo jumbo, but having a general idea ahead of time keeps the conversation moving and helps you to pinpoint the perfect fit for you.

1. Have a general idea of what you are looking for

What type of project are you working on? Are you updating your website? Do you need fresh content for social media showcasing your product in a lifestyle environment? Selling products on Amazon and need a white background? Knowing exactly what you are looking for will help with selecting your photographer. Make sure the photographer you hire is comfortable with the type of photography you need to convey your message to potential clients and customers.

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2. Does the photographer have a portfolio?

By viewing a portfolio prior to signing a contract with a photographer you will gain a general idea of the editing style of the photographer and whether their photos are going to jive with the look you are going for on your project. Are you interested in seeing my work? View my commercial photography portfolio here.

3. Does the photographer carry insurance?

A photographer with small business liability insurance helps with risk aversion if something should happen on the day of your commercial session. It is a good idea to inquire with the potential photographer if they have insurance in the event that an accident happens on the day of your session.

4. Does the photographer have the knowledge for preparing the images based on your project requirements?

For instance, if you are photographing a product for a web vs print catalog, the file sizes are very different. In addition, preparing images for a website and/or social media is important so as to not bog down website load times. Pick a photographer who has a great understanding for what is needed for each output.

5. What are the photographer's rates?

Commercial photography can be tricky with pricing, usage rates, etc. Does the photographer charge per day rate, half day rate, hourly or per project. How many photos are delivered in the final gallery. What are the usage licenses for your photos included in the session? 

While this is not an exclusive list, these questions are important to have answered. As a photographer for small businesses, I specialize in photographing a variety of commercial projects from products and corporate headshots to small business branding and landscape photography. I also have extensive WordPress and social media marketing knowledge that gives me a technical advantage for providing exactly what is needed to make your business soar. I would love an opportunity to chat with you and discuss your upcoming commercial projects. Contact me for more information or if you would like you can schedule a 15 minute discovery call so we can chat about your upcoming project.


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  1. Amy, these are fantastic tips! I’m sure so many businesses can benefit from them in helping them choose a Pittsburgh commercial photographer!

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