Bucket List

With no limit to time or money, where would you like to travel? For me, I have a strong list of places that intrigue me. I want to experience sunsets and sunrises, mountains and oceans, cities and countrysides. I enjoy traveling with my husband and kids and spending time together adventuring through this great big world. Here are a few of my bucket list travel locations. Click the link to view photos from that adventure. In my life time, I would love to be able to check all of these off the list. I am not sure if that is an achievable goal, but it sure will be fun trying!

Israel, The Holy Land

Sunset at Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park Maine ✓

Anywhere in Ireland ✓

Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC ✓

Sunrise at the Ocean ✓

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Under the stars in Scottsdale, Arizona

Niagara Falls ✓

The Grand Canyon

Mission Trip to Africa ✓

Safari in Africa ✓

Northern Lights in Iceland

With my Love at the Eiffel Tower

San Antonio Texas, where my Grandparents were married ✓

Yodeling in the Swiss Alps (well, maybe no yodeling for me but I would love to see the beauty there)

Greece / Cyprus


The Great Wall of China

Machu Picchu

Wild Horses ✓

Tulips at Longwood Gardens

Tulips in the Netherlands

Yosemite National Park (Falls and Mirror Lake)

Happy travels!